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Parallel universe part 2

"Naruto is not himself! He is rampaging through village after village! We have to stop him!" Kakashi explained to Sakura.
"It's no use..Sasuke is dead..I.."Sakura replied.
"Sasuke is back to his body! He is no longer a floating ethereal being. Naruto removed Orochimaru's soul from him before he.." Kakashi trailed off
"..(swallows saliva)..Are you sure?" Sakura suddenly looked up, eyes brightened.
"Yes, that, I'm sure. I saw orochimaru's soul being decimated.." Kakashi nodded.
"..Let's hurry find Naruto and free him from whoever is controlling him!"Sakura yelped
" It's not that simple...Naruto gave his soul to the nine-tails in order to kill Orochimaru.. Sealing nine- tails back in to Naruto is no possible as both Naruto and the nine- tails are one being now. Now, we have to force Naruto and the nine- tails to is also rumored that Mandara is on his way to enthrall Naruto..Nine- tails.. Naruto.. Nine-tails.the both of them." Kakashi elaborated.
"I don't care! Naruto didn't give up on me or anyone else and so we shouldn't give up on him! LET'S GO!" Sakura proclaimed as she ran.
Kakashi nodded and chased after Sakura.

Parallel universe Part 1

 "You!"Naruto hollered at a mysterious figure
"Well, well. Naruto Uzumaki, we meet again." The mysterious figure turned, revealing him to be Kabuto
"Return Sakura back! You have no right to enthrall her" Naruto demanded
"She is not under my sway. It was her own will to join the Akatsuki. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself for making empty promises." Kabuto calmly reasoned
Sasuke stepped out of the shadow all of a sudden
"Sasuke lost. Lord Orochimaru won. As simple as that? Don't you get it?" Kabuto questioned
" that's impossible. It's not..It can't be. Sasuke..Sasuke! What have you done to yourself!" Naruto, in denial, made a beeline for Sasuke.
Sasuke instantaneously appearred beside Naruto, stabbing Naruto with a Kunai.
"Naive child. Do you really think that anyone can possible go against me? I'm almighty! You will pay for your ignorance!" Sasuke declared
Naruto removed the bloody kunai out of his stomach, threw it to the ground and staggerred back, staring at the ground, trying to contain his rage
"Even someone as foolish as Sakura accepts that I'm invincible. Now, with this new body, I can finally become the strongest being in the universe and rule the world!" Orochimaru cackled
" No one.. has the Sasuke. You.. are, orochimaru!" Naruto panted
Naruto's anger expanded. The nine-tailed demon in him sensed his anger and forced Naruto into his sub-conscious mind.
"What am I going to do? Someone, me get back my friends."Naruto shouted into space
" I be powerful enough to stop all the reckless fighting going on in the Shinobi World, to cease all the unnecessary deaths of those closest to me. I want my friends."
"SHOW NO MERCY, TURN EVERYONE WHO CROSSES YOUR PATH TO DUST. KILL THEM ALL." Kurama replied, "Let me help you, let me provide you with the power to stop all the fighting. Give me your soul."
Fine.I'll give Kurama my soul. But if things don't work out between the both of us, I'm withdrawing, Naruto thought
"Argh!"Naruto screamed as he ripped opened his jacket, exposing his well- defined pectorals. Swirls appeared, condensing to the centre, forming one big circle. Black liquid dipped out of the circle. His eyeball gradually shaped in to glowing slits. When all the liquid flowed out of his body, his body turned limp, his eyes dazed slits. The pool of black liquid, then, snaked towards the nine- tails. Slowly, the black creeps up on to Kurama's skin, encompassing him in a thick veil. The nine- tails, then, absorbs the black liquid through the pores of his skin. A bright light, similiar to that of an explosion, occurs. When the light dies down, naruto is revealed to be standing in place of Kurama. Naruto opens his, now, slitted black eyes, emits a dark pulsating aura, and cackles, causing the gorund in his sub-concious mind to shatter.

All the while, while being drawn in to his subconsious mind, a red-orange dome surrounded him. When he merged his soul with Kurama's, the dome fizzled off.
Naruto stretched out his hand, his eyes still closed. Chains emerged from his palm, targeting Sasuke. Sasuke tried to use his Sharingan to control Naruto, but could only feel an empty void in the place where Naruto should have been. The chains encircled Sasuke, proceeding to drag Orochimaru's soul out of him.
"This is impossible! I'm immortal! You cannot kill me" Orochimaru's soul defiantly shrieked as his soul was shattered into a zillion pieces by the chains.
"Feel my wrath!" Naruto, now emmting a double-tinged voice, exclaimed. Naruto clenched his fist as his body arched back. His teeth became fangs, his nails became claws. His face dissolved into that of Kurama's supposedly human face. His whole body was muscle- bounded, very well toned and muscled. His bisceps grew by astoundingly bigger. His chest tore his shirt as it expanded,His biceps became increasingly taunt as his chest expands, ripping his jacket revealing very well- defined muscles, boasting raw and uncontrolled strength.  He fell to his knees, his whole body felt as if it was packing mass.  A sudden urge bubbles within him. A monstrous howl ripped from Naruto's throat.

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